Need a Calculator?

This is what you see when your little brother finds the calculator button on your laptop.



Ah! Another Friday. That means CHOICE! This is the first time we’ve been able to go this month; it was good to see my clubber again. We had a good time and memorized and learned about Ps. 32:7: “Thou art my hiding place, thou shalt preserve me from trouble, thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.”

That’s not all! Friday was the Father and Son Night at our church. We heard a short message from Mr. Glu paralleling sports with the Christian life ( mainly teamwork, and coachableness {a new word!?}), had pizza and pop (what else? :)), and then played games.

Mr. McCracken about to hit the ground

Mr. McCracken about to hit the ground. Look at Dave's face!

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Under CRC, Teen Murderer Faces Maximum 3 Years?

Under CRC, Teen Murderer Faces Maximum 3 Years?.

Here is something you should read. If the U.S. ratifies this treaty, young murderers will get an even easier break; who can tell what lawlessness will result. In the article linked above you will find a link to an article showing the results of this treaty and a link to sign the Parental Rights Amendment petition.

Brandon’s Photos

These photos have now been declassified. 😉