Windows 8 Screenshots

Here are some very belated screenshots of the CP of Windows 8. I noticed as I went to post that I neglected to get one of the lock screen. However, as I am on Ubuntu at the moment, suffice it to say that it is a photo, which you can choose, with your battery and wireless info overlayed in the corner. When you swipe up from the bottom, you see the log-on screen. I must say, I really like Windows 8, although I would not upgrade to it and if I got a new computer I would dual-boot Windows 7. One more interesting fact is that the taskbar and window glass color on the desktop change to match the background if you have a slide show theme.


3 thoughts on “Windows 8 Screenshots

  1. joshuaprobinson says:

    ok, so i’d better buy it soon if I want to get it free!

  2. joshuaprobinson says:

    cool ryan!
    i’d love to buy it!

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