Ah! Another Friday. That means CHOICE! This is the first time we’ve been able to go this month; it was good to see my clubber again. We had a good time and memorized and learned about Ps. 32:7: “Thou art my hiding place, thou shalt preserve me from trouble, thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.”

That’s not all! Friday was the Father and Son Night at our church. We heard a short message from Mr. Glu paralleling sports with the Christian life ( mainly teamwork, and coachableness {a new word!?}), had pizza and pop (what else? :)), and then played games.

Mr. McCracken about to hit the ground

Mr. McCracken about to hit the ground. Look at Dave's face!

First up was the obstacle course. This was run amidst much laughter and such comments as “I just read the news, tsunami watch in Japan after you hit the ground!” and “After he went through I looked at the course, and it was all flat on the ground!”. There were three categories: Boys (14 and under), Open (15 and up), and Men’s (20 and up). The course consisted of: tires, that you had to step in, Mr. McCracken’s flatbed truck, tables to roll under, cones and stools to “slalom”, The big gate, seen above, and then two sets of chairs. The winner of the boy’s category was Dmitri Pinzon, Tim Oswald Jr.won in Open, and Trevor Parfitt won in the men’s race. After the obstacle course we played the newest favourite game at our church; human Foosball. Picture to yourself a field, made out of masking tape on the carpet in the sanctuary, filled with a few very competitive men (most notably Pastor Folk and Mr. Glu ;)) and quite a few very competitive young men, as well as some men and boys who were just a little more laid back, all fueled with pizza and pop. Couple that  with some spectators, Pastor Cammilleri announcing the game with a bullhorn and banging a soda bottle with coins in it, and all the adrenaline that such a game would produce, and there you have it! What a blast! and what a great way to have fun with your dad especially, and your friends, and their dads. Almost like youth group, but so much better since you’re doing it with your dad, and also getting to serve God with your family in between the few times a year we do this.

Here’s a few more photos of the obstacle course. Sorry I don’t have pictures of anything else, but my batteries died, of course :(.

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  1. Bill Robinson says:

    I must note I am the one gracefully flying over the fence while Mr. McCracken is falling on the ground…Glad he did not get hurt…Nice pictures Ryan!!

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