Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released today at MWC  (Mobile World Conference). It is available for download at If you need help with dual-booting (Installing it as your main OS is not recommended) check these links out:

If you still don’t feel comfortable after reading these, you can try running a virtual machine. Just download VMware or VirtualBox; and if you need help with those check here:

Here are some screenshots from the Developers Preview (I haven’t installed the Consumer Preview yet ;)).


10 thoughts on “Windows 8 Consumer Preview

  1. joshuaprobinson says:

    hurry and look at my OTHER blog 😉

  2. joshuaprobinson says:

    ok! my grandparents are over today

  3. joshuaprobinson says:

    are these legal downloads? and are these Free?

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