How to be Saved Page

All along, I’ve meant to add a page presenting the gospel. It’s been about three months now. “But it takes time and effort to come up a good presentation, it’s not something to be taken lightly!” God says, “Yeah, but how much time has it taken you to get your blog the way you like it; to add widgets, links, photos, and posts about coffee mugs and the weather? I thought one of the main reasons for this blog was to glorify me? Sure, you wrote one post about a Biblical principle with a Scripture reference, but how can you really glorify me without telling of my love for man and what I’ve done for him? Besides, what do you do all day?” As soon as I heard that I did what any sane person would do – I went and wrote it.

The morals of the story? Always surrender to God; it will go much easier. Always do what you say you will do. Glorify God in all that you do.