Two Great Forces for Good – Jim Elliot

Here is a quote from Jim Elliot’s journal:

December 1. “In reading the Scriptures I find a great moral power. Therein I am made aware of twp great forces for good in human experience: the fear of God and the grace of God. Without the fear of God I would not stop at doing evil: the fear of God restrains. Without the grace of God I would have no desire to approach positive goodness. The one is a deterrent from evil; the other is an encouragement to good. ‘Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?’ – not so much make up for what is past, but perfect what is future-‘by taking heed thereto (from now on) according to thy word. ‘These things write I unto you, that ye sin not.’* the Scriptures were written to this very intent: to be a means of grace in struggling against sin. Would that Christians read their Scriptures. We should have a holier band for it.”

Shadow of the Almighty

*He did not use the KJV here, so I substituted.


2 thoughts on “Two Great Forces for Good – Jim Elliot

  1. A good quote from a good man.
    I knew Jim Elliot personally when I was a small child (he was my Sunday School teacher and I lived with him and his family for several weeks).
    My favorite Jim quote is, “Forgive me for being so ordinary while claiming to know such an extraordinary God.”
    Incidentally he almost always quoted either the KJV or the Darby Bible (or a mixture).
    God bless you and your ministry for our great Savior and Lord.

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